Working with the best peoples
the greatest benefit SUNMEI
offers our employees.

A tree shakes a tree...

A cloud pushes a cloud...

Extraordinary and confident
Aspired to Change the World
We recruit and elect each employee carefully, always ensuring that our employees can be working with the best people; Every year, we also openly select those with extraordinary potentials to join "Magic Academy", where they would be coached by senior executives and given exciting opportunities to learn frombig-name companies and masters to benefit their career development.
  • Onboarding Assessment
  • Culture Fit Assessment
  • Talent Growth Plan
Simple and straightforward
Trust Makes It Simple
We advocate freedom, value diversity and teamwork, and encourage simple and straightforward communication and expression regardless of positions or hierarchies; we support cross-functional project collaboration and weaken positional boundaries, in hope to inspire one idea with another.
  • Free feedback
  • Open office
  • Result-oriented
Contract spirit
Self-discipline for freedom
We give the greatest freedom to those who discipline themselves. With fewer constraints and controls, our employees work by shared values and principles.
  • Contract authentication
Longing for challenges
Exploring the infinite possibilities
In SUNMEI, we think outside the box to support and encourage every innovator to achieve leapfrog development and greater goals; employees can independently apply for projects to support the company's management effectiveness and business innovation.
  • KPI and OKR in parallel
  • Quarterly Battles
  • Special promotion

The hotel management secret of
“king of lower-tire market"

SUNMEI recruitment scheme for aspiring young talents

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