Franchising Benefits
Lower both costs and risks
1 + 3 core competitiveness, capital recovery in 1 to 2 years, 10 years of R&D,
and 7 updates and iterations
Focus on placemaking to deliver hotel space popular with consumers
  • Beautiful Products

    Popular and diversified design of lobby and guest rooms Landmark exterior design

  • Smart Operations

    Online operation system and intelligent room control

  • Fast Preparations

    Modularized materials for prefabricated construction

  • Convenient Services

    Basic quality assurance and round-the-clock online service

Join SUNMEI Micro-brand Alliance
The first open micro-brand incubation platform in the industry
Build your own brands via SUNMEI's platform
An industrial chain is in sight for micro-brands
5 strengths foster success
  • Brand building

    Customized brand strategy

    to enhance brand influence

  • Design of masters

    Designers selected from all over the world

    to provide support with top design schemes

  • Supply chain support

    One-stop supply chain center

    to greatly reduce procurement cost

  • A capable development team

    A capable development team with hundreds of members

    to help enlarge the brands country wide

  • Massive customer source

    Share the 120 million members of Xinlimei app

    to quickly seize the market

Micro-brand Alliance
Brand cases
Brand Authorized Partner Corporation/Representative (individual)
The following companies or individuals are hereby authorized as our partners for market development of
designated hotel brands of SUNMEI within their own authorized area.Welcome to join us! For details,
please contact CHEN Kang at +86 18560657795
Shandong Jiangsu Guizhou Xinjiang Anhui Jiangxi Hunan Hebei Shanxi Sichuan
Name of brand
Shandong Jinghe Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shandong Junshang Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Shangyuan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Suzhou Lvchen Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Guizhou Zuomo Hotel Management Co., Ltd. MA Jinhua LIU Xu Nanchang Shangge Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Luoguan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Hebei Chenxi Hotel Management Co., Ltd. PEI Youli Chengdu Dashu Partner Brand Marketing & Planning Co., Ltd.
Location Weifang Linyi Xuzhou Suzhou Zunyi Urumchi Bengbu Nanchang Shanghai Cangzhou Taiyuan Chengdu

OLANY Hotel, a brand of Guizhou Zuomo Hotel Management Co., Ltd., is a middle-to-high-priced hotel of "entry luxury style".

In 2021, the brand officially joined SUNMEI Micro-brand Alliance. Determined to become the best regional chain hotel brand in Guizhou, it has, through platform empowerment, updated the product positioning, upgraded its VI products, erected the franchise system and consulted about development strategy.

Designed for people who delight in travels and go on business trips, OLANY Hotel is offering experience of basic entry luxury culture, and of exquisite products and high-quality services. It advocates a natural, modern and simple design style, incorporates unique taste and facilitation functions to deliver an entry luxury hotel integrating business accommodation and humanistic elements.

Incubated by SUNMEI Group, ONEZONE is a new lifestyle center featuring New Nordic Design, and has reached strategic partnership with real estate developers such as POWERLONG, Charoen Pokphand Group, Wanda Group, China Resources, CapitaLand, Sun Hung Kai Properties and Yintai Group.

GUANGSHU COFFEE, a coffee brand incubated by SUNMEI Group, blends well-chosen high-quality green coffee beans from Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Panama in customized ratio, and retains the original aroma of coffee beans with a balance stricken among acid, sweet and bitter by adopting 100% Arabica high-quality coffee beans and a specific baking curve. . With cost-effective and user-friendly coffee machine and standardized making and packaging process, the front desk clerk of the hotels can make a cup of tasty coffee skillfully after half a day's training.

While improving the income of the hotels and their employees, GUANGSHU COFFEE brings more publicity and exposure to the main business of the hotels, maximizing the space value of the hotel lobby.

As a national fashion fast food chain brand incubated by SUNMEI Group, YUYIDAO aims to explore the charm of
food and discover the wonder on taste buds.

BAOLEDI KTV is a leisure, entertainment and lifestyle brand incubated by SUNMEI Group and owns over 200
stores in China, which are located in over 100 cities including Beijing and Shanghai and those in
Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, etc.